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Brand information

My name is Olga Zhigulina and i`m Etnostory founder and CEO.
I started creating Etnostory in 2017. I sewed samples for myself, evaluated the pattern quality, fit and comfort. Now Etnostory is a collection of designs that thousands of people have fallen in love with. They wear our designs, confess their love to us, and come back to us.
I often hear: what perfect stitches! What a creative designes, I haven`t seen anything like this before. And when customers touch our fabrics, they say they won't be able to part with the garment anymore.

What sets us apart?

Fabric of goods
All of our fabrics are natural, which means they breathe and are very comfortable to use. Fabrics are extensively tested before items are released for production, so each piece will serve you for years and endure hundreds of washes.
Designs and prints
Exclusive designs and prints are created specifically for the brand. You won't find them in other stores. We produce all our products in limited batches, making you the owner of something truly unique.
Gifts and bonuses
With your purchase, you'll receive our gift - a signature shopper bag. You'll definitely want to use it, as it's so beautiful. This also helps us avoid using plastic in packaging.
All models undergo quality control for stitching. Fabrics are tested for shrinkage and pilling. Our clothing doesn't bleed color. Designs remain intact even when machine washed on a delicate cycle. Our products are covered by a one-year warranty (details in the Warranty section).

Customer reviews

  • Daria
    Owl Bodysuit
    The bodysuit is simply amazing! It's like I've melded into it, fits perfectly, soft, delicate, cozy, like a second skin. It lifted and shaped where needed, accentuated beautifully. Overall, I'm really grateful - this love story is definitely going to continue.
  • Antonina
    Owl Bodysuit
    The bodysuit is perfect. You're awesome. I wore it to my birthday, and people asked me where I got it - I gave them your contact.
  • Larisa
    Northern Forest Longsleeve
    It's a masterpiece, superb! The neckline sits perfectly, even looks great and sexy without a bra. In red, it's absolutely cool.
  • Kristina
    Dune Vest, Owl Bodysuit
    The items are magnificent. I can't remember a shopping experience where I couldn't tear myself away from the mirror for so long. I just don't want to take anything off, everything is so comfortable and cozy. Not to mention the beauty.
  • Natalia
    Dune Dress, Calibri Kimono, Agava Dress
    Today I bought a dress from you. Thank you once again, I feel incredibly happy in it. Incredibly feminine, alive.
  • Anastasia
    African Macrame Dress, Macrame Mesh
    I left your showroom with my new clothes and collected a bunch of compliments on the dress. At home, I tried it on bare-skinned, as a top, and it's a true Amazon look! Thank you for being bold enough to
  • Lyudmila
    Agava Dress, Jeans Skirt, Echeveria Blouse
    This dress is a dream, it's magic, and at the same time, it's comfort and convenience. Despite all its elegance and femininity. It's love at first sight and destiny from the first fitting. I wear it with pleasure.
  • Tatyana
    Agava Dress, Carp Kimono
    How I love handmade items, they're unique! They hold a vibrant energy, thank you!
The Nature Boho style is fashionable
Nature boho reflects the ancient and sacred. It tells the story of the mysteries of the universe and sings from the depths of the soul. Natural motifs in clothing have been used for centuries and always remain in trend.

Etnostory is comfortable in the city and in nature
Natural boho blends with urban landscapes and bamboo huts by the ocean. It's about a person living in the world of nature and creating their own universe in the human world.
This clothing will fit any body type.
The semi-fitted cut suits various body types. The designs are made from natural fabrics. Choosing the most eco-friendly materials is always a priority.

Worldwide shipping

Write to our email: etnostory@yandex.ru or contact us through any messenger in header to consult about ways, cost and speed of delivery yo your country.

1 year warranty

The warranty is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. Within 30 days, you can return items that don't fit in terms of size, style, or for other reasons, provided that the item hasn't been used. According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, bodysuits are considered "underwear" and are not eligible for exchange or return. You can try them on during home delivery by a courier without removing the hygiene stickers.
We provide a 1-year warranty for all our products. If you encounter poor stitching or hardware damage within 30 days of purchase, we will exchange the item for a new one. If it's not in stock, the item will be manufactured, and we will inform you about the timelines.
If the item has been used for more than 30 days, exchanges are not possible, but we will repair it at our expense.
The warranty does not cover damages caused by natural wear and tear of the fabric or improper use of the item, as well as failure to follow care recommendations.

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Care and usage

Items should be washed at a temperature not exceeding 30°C. Machine washing on a delicate cycle with low spin is allowed. Hand washing with gentle wringing of the item, without twisting the fabric, is also acceptable.
Iron the items at a moderate temperature, avoiding prints.
Drying the items should be done on hangers or in a horizontal position. Avoid drying them in direct sunlight.